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Zero Fog Anti-fog & Anti-static lens treatment “Zero-Fog”Stop Hockey Visor From Fogging Up

Zero Fog is an anti-fog and anti-static lens treatment that customers commonly use on all types of lenses, eyeglasses, plastic lenses, safety goggles, face shields, diving masks, ski goggles, hockey masks, sunglasses, automotive instrument panels, electronics, motorcycle face shields and more.

The Zero Fog treatment minimizes surfaces from fogging when going from warm to cold areas or vice versa and dissipates electric charges that will eliminate dust attraction. This treatment is substantially efficient that even some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers use it.

The treatment formula design kept safety in mind!
Zero Fog formula is also compatible with anti-reflection coated surfaces.

Please keep in mind that Zero Fog is a treatment and not a lens cleaner!

Clean lenses are essential to Zero-Fog treatment’s success.

Clean the lenses with one of our anti-reflection lens cleaners AR66, AR99 or Lunettoyeur prior to applying Zero Fog treatment.

To avoid discomfort and any eye reactions or irritations make sure that
after Zero-Fog treatment application you let lenses surface dry out properly.

Dry time should be  at least one hour after application.

Some face shields that are made from polycarbonate do not have any protective coating on their surface, therefore this product might damage the surface.
Please review MSDS sheets

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